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1. On this journal, the research papers, review papers, technical reports, or special issues that have not been released on any other journal or are not planned to be released shall be published.

2. Strictly observe the submission regulations and guidelines for framing of papers of this Society, and submit the paper at ‘online JPPE submission system (http://kjppe.ppe.or.kr/html/)’ and pay the submission fee according to the instruction.

3. At the time of submission using the ‘online JPPE submission system’, manuscript submission form, copyright transfer agreement form, and declaration of ethical conduct in research along with the manuscript shall be uploaded to the system after registration with username and password.

4. Whether the manuscript is adopted or not shall be determined by the Editorial Board according to the peer review regulations for manuscript submissions in this journal.

5. At the time of receipt of paper, the author shall pay the fixed submission fee of 200,000 won inclusive of review fee and publication fee. The express fee shall be 350,000 won (express means that only each review is completed within one week, not the whole review process).

6. When the published paper exceeds the regulated quantity (6 pages), the excess publication fee (the number of exceeding pages × 30,000 won) shall be paid separately by the author.

7. When the paper is not permitted to be published, only publication fee shall be returned.

8. This journal shall be published 6 times a year on the last day of even numbered months. Ethical regulations, peer- review regulations, and submission regulations can be viewed on the homepage of the website (www.ppe.or.kr) and will be printed in Issue No. 1 of each year.

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Issue No. 6 (December)
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December 31

9. Online submission:
Society for People, Plants, and Environment: www.ppe.or.kr

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