Journal of People Plants Environment



Current issue Volume 26(5) Oct 2023

Applying Ecological Principles of Design for Restoring Brownfields: A Case Study in River Rouge, MI
Andreea Bodea, Jun-Hyun Kim, Wonmin Sohn, Noah Durst
J. People Plants Environ. 2023;26(5):445-454.
Where Are Landscape Designers' Spatial Abilities in the Brain? An fMRI Study
Shih-Han Hung, Chia-Yi Huang, Tsung-Ren Huang, Shih-An Tang, Yu-Ping Tsai, Chun-Yen Chang
J. People Plants Environ. 2023;26(5):455-467.
Shoot Growth and Virus Elimination by Antiviral Agents in Node Cultures of Three Rose Cultivars
Yong Kweon Yoo, Yong Seung Roh
J. People Plants Environ. 2023;26(5):469-475.
Germination Characteristics and Seedling Growth of Pseudolysimachion nakaianum (Ohwi) T. Yamaz. Seeds According to Light Quality Type
Hyuck Hwan Kwon, Hye Jin Oh, Wonwoo Cho
J. People Plants Environ. 2023;26(5):477-485.
Growth Responses to two Commercial Plant Growth Retardants with Different Concentration in Potted Geranium
Jeongmin Park, Yongheon Han, Jaeyo Sin, Jeonghyun Ahn, Wook Oh
J. People Plants Environ. 2023;26(5):487-493.
Analysis of Farm Work in a Vertical Farm
Na-Yeon Yoo, Seon-Ok Kim, Sin-Ae Park
J. People Plants Environ. 2023;26(5):495-503.

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