Journal of People Plants Environment



Current issue Volume 25(2) Apr 2022

School Gardens Education Plan through the Awareness of Elementary and Middle School Parents
In-Kyoung Hong, Hyung-Kwon Yun, Young-Bin Jung, Sang-Mi Lee, Sang-Deok Lee
J. People Plants Environ. 2022;25(2):107-122.
The Reclamation of an Industrial Site and Design Impacts on Environmental, Social, and Economic Resilience
Brooke Shevela, Jun-Hyun Kim, Wonmin Sohn, Noah Durst
J. People Plants Environ. 2022;25(2):123-132.
Growth and Physiological Responses of Pseudolysimachion pusanensis (Y. N. Lee) Y. N. Lee to NaCl Treatment
Hyuck Hwan Kwon, Hye Jin Oh, WonWoo Cho, Young Hyun Kwon, Seung Hyuk Yang, Sang-Yong Kim
J. People Plants Environ. 2022;25(2):133-141.
Growth Characteristics by Plug Tray Cell Size, Soil Type, and Fertilizer Concentration for Plug Seedling Production of Veronica pusanensis Y.N. Lee
Hye Jin Oh, Hyuck Hwan Kwon, Jin Ho Kim, WonWoo Cho, Sang-Yong Kim
J. People Plants Environ. 2022;25(2):143-152.
Decision Tree Model for Educational Services Predicting Children’s Academic Performance by Income Group
Hae Seon Park, Hye Kyung Lim, Hyun Ok Kim
J. People Plants Environ. 2022;25(2):153-165.
Semantic Network Analysis of Newspaper Articles related to Agro-healing
Yumin Park, Yong-Wook Shin
J. People Plants Environ. 2022;25(2):167-176.

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