Journal of People Plants Environment



Current issue Volume 24(5) Oct 2021

Trend Analysis of Grow-Your-Own Using Social Network Analysis: Focusing on Hashtags on Instagram
Yumin Park, Yong-Wook Shin
J. People Plants Environ. 2021;24(5):451-460.
Growth and Physiological Responses of Four Plant Species to Different Sources of Particulate Matter
Kei-Jung Kwon, Uuriintuya Odsuren, Huong-Thi Bui, Sang-Yong Kim, Bong-Ju Park
J. People Plants Environ. 2021;24(5):461-468.
Characteristics and Management Plan for the Distribution of Nelumbo nucifera community in Junam Wetland
Soo-Dong Lee, Han Kim, Bong-Gyo Cho, Gwang-Gyu Lee
J. People Plants Environ. 2021;24(5):469-483.
Analysis of Plant Species in Elementary School Textbooks in South Korea
Min Hyeong Kwon
J. People Plants Environ. 2021;24(5):485-498.
Development of Raising Seedling Technology for Veronica pyrethrina Nakai Using Plug Trays
Hyuck-Hwan Kwon, Hye-Jin Oh, Jin-Ho Kim, Sang-Yong Kim
J. People Plants Environ. 2021;24(5):499-507.
Students’ Knowledge, Awareness, and Pro-Environmental Behavior in Urban to Design Climate Change Book Serials
Diana Vivanti Sigit, Eka Putri Azrai, Ade Suryanda, Melisa Epriani, Ilmi Zajuli Ichsan, Md. Mehadi Rahman, Danilo V. Rogayan
J. People Plants Environ. 2021;24(5):509-517.

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