Journal of People Plants Environment



Current issue Volume 22(4) Aug 2019

Community Gardening Activities and Their Effects on Mental Health of Residents
Hye Sook Jang, Gyung Mee Gim, Sun-Jin Jeong, Jae Soon Kim
J. People Plants Environ. 2019;22(4):333-340.
An Exploration of Crops Listed in Gwanhyuji, an Agricultural Book in the Joseon Dynasty for the Promotion of the Diversity of Urban Gardens
In-Kyoung Hong, Young Chae, Sang-Mi Lee, Young-Bin Jung
J. People Plants Environ. 2019;22(4):341-354.
Effects of an Agro-Healing Activity Program on the Physiological Condition of Adults with Chronic Metabolic Diseases
Hye Sook Jang, Eunha Yoo, Sun-Jin Jeong, Jae Soon Kim, Doo Young Ryu
J. People Plants Environ. 2019;22(4):355-364.
Improved Self-Esteem in Women with Hearing Impairment after Horticultural Therapy and Subjects’ Program Preference
Ju Ran Moon, Yong Kweon Yoo
J. People Plants Environ. 2019;22(4):365-373.
Floral Design Courses to Build Self-Esteem in Children Enrolled in the Community Child Care Center for Low-Income Families: Focused on the Accreditation Process of the Junior Florist Certification
Young Hwa Park, Suk Young Yun, Byung Jin Choi, Hyun Sug Choi
J. People Plants Environ. 2019;22(4):375-384.
Forest Activities for Developing Emotional Vocabulary and Lowering Cortisol Levels in Kindergarteners
Suk Young Yun, Ga Ae Seol, Hyun Hee Jang, Mi Jin Kim, Byung Jin Choi
J. People Plants Environ. 2019;22(4):385-393.

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